Special interest:

clean air & sustainability

We all want clean air. Everywhere. For everybody.

Having spent several years in the environmental technology arena, clean air, green energy and sustainability continue being an area of special interest.

whs-consult llc assists air pollution control equipment manufacturers to more efficiently run their operations, increase profitability and revenue; and enable them to continue improving energy and pollutant destruction efficiency of their technologies to provide the best solutions to the pollutant emitting industries controlling air pollution and meeting sustainability goals.

Merger & Acquisitions

  • pre-due diligence

  • preparation to acquire or be acquired

  • strategies for organizational & cultural integration

  • and more

Business Assessment

  • SWOT analysis

  • market research - market size

  • technology developments & trends

  • competitive landscape

  • alignment of sales strategy to changing markets

  • and more

Efficiency - daily operations

  • assessment of organization, identification of redundancies & potential cost savings - create efficiency improvement plan

  • establish Key Performance Indicators (KPI) & useful business intelligence reports

  • and more


  • increase employee engagement

  • develop employee retention strategies

  • build foundation for highly collaborative culture across organization

  • drive accountability

  • and more