Your profitable and sustainable growth is my quest.

Employee engagement is my passion.

Clean air & sustainability are my special interest.

whs-consult llc - an advisory & interim executive management consultancy.

Change management through Appreciative Leadership x Design Thinking, our focus is to improve operational performance for lower mid-market manufacturers ($30M to $100M revenue). Utilizing our deep understanding of the unique needs of technical teams we drive (culture) change and employee engagement.

Working with technical organizations, our methodology is effective across the board bringing fresh ideas to the forefront and igniting a "winning team" mentality - being part of the solution! 23% increased profitability. 10% increase in customer loyalty. 64% decrease in accidents. That and more is achievable with high employee engagement according to Gallup's latest workplace research.

We all want clean air. Everywhere. For everybody. Having spent several years in the environmental technology arena, clean air, green energy and sustainability continue being an area of special interest.

Add international experience, our ability to help you navigate cultural differences and avoid misunderstandings in the North America - Europe collaboration.