Advisory & Other executive services

Strategy & Business Plan Development

  • bring your vision, mission and values to "the point"

  • develop the strategy to realize your vision

  • construct and write a business plan

  • assist with your market, technology and competitive analysis

  • lay the foundation for a highly collaborative culture based on trust, respect and accountability

  • and more



  • map and document your processes

  • assess your business processes and identify redundancies & potential cost savings

  • identify company strengths and weaknesses, develop a plan to mitigate the risks

  • embrace company strengths and how to capitalize on them

  • act as your "sounding board" & trusted advisor, providing constructive and honest feedback.

  • and more

Intercontinental Culture Navigation

  • identify cultural pitfalls in US - Europe collaboration

  • teach cultural awareness

  • coach towards successful communication

  • and more